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  • Director of a company

 2,102 total views

 2,102 total views Often, we have heard that holding a position of a director in a company is a big thing. People aspire to become a director as it is the top most designation in a company. You may be having a very fancy image of this position in your mind. However, you should not forget […]

  • Resignation by Director, Resign, quit, resigning

 1,121 total views

 1,121 total views You may be a Director of a company and take active participation in the management of affairs of the company. We have noticed that many times a person becomes Director of a company and does not take active participation in the business due to various reasons. In that case, Director may choose to […]

  • Appointment of Director in a Company. Types of Director

 4,938 total views

 4,938 total views You must have heard the Term “Director” very frequently. Director is someone who gives direction, who has the responsibility to manage the affairs and who plays the pivotal role in every kind of organisation. In this article, we shall discuss about meaning, types and appointment of Director in a Company. Director of a […]

  • Managing Director

 3,341 total views

 3,341 total views Who is Managing Director? A Managing Director is someone who is responsible for daily operations of a company, organization, or corporate division. This position is a part of executive management of a company who is responsible for day to day management of the company. Managing Director can be appointed in a corporate entity […]