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  • Merger

 700 total views

 700 total views Introduction In order to survive in the current economic environment, expansion and up-gradation are the two critical tools for any business. Every company wants to grow its business, divert to add more business, enter into untapped markets and gain specialization. There are many ways by which a company can expand its business such […]

  • Reduction of share capital

 588 total views

 588 total views Reduction of share capital is a process to lower down/reducing the share capital of a company. It means reducing the issued, subscribed and paid-up share capital of the company. Separate provisions and procedure for have been envisaged under the Companies Act, 2013 and rules made thereunder for reduction of share capital. Section 66 […]

  • Company office

 1,101 total views

 1,101 total views A company registered under the Companies Act, 2013 is required to have a registered office in India. It is required to keep all books of accounts, other relevant books, papers and financial statements at the registered office of the company. However, it is not necessary to keep the books at the registered office […]

  • Removal of Director

 539 total views

 539 total views What is meant by Removal of Director? Removal of Director means terminating the tenure of a Director before the expiry of his term in the office. A Director can be removed from his position by a company. The process of removing an individual acting as the Director of the company is known as […]

  • Resignation by Director, Resign, quit, resigning

 501 total views

 501 total views You may be a Director of a company and take active participation in the management of affairs of the company. We have noticed that many times a person becomes Director of a company and does not take active participation in the business due to various reasons. In that case, Director may choose to […]

  • Managing Director

 2,211 total views

 2,211 total views Who is Managing Director? A Managing Director is someone who is responsible for daily operations of a company, organization, or corporate division. This position is a part of executive management of a company who is responsible for day to day management of the company. Managing Director can be appointed in a corporate entity […]

  • Private Limited Company Registration

 1,092 total views

 1,092 total views REGISTRATION OF A PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY MEANING A Company is a separate legal entity. In other words, a company is a separate person from its owners in the eyes of law. The members/owners/shareholders are separate from the company Thus, a company has a range of legal capacities and its members/owners/shareholders have no personal […]