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Director Identification Number (DIN)

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  • Director Identification Number - DIN
Director Identification Number (DIN)
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  1. What is Director Identification Number “DIN”?

DIN is a Unique Identification Number allotted by the Central Government to any person who intends to become a director of a new company or of an existing company. DIN is a Unique Identity allotted to a person who intends to become a director of a Company. A person cannot become a director of a new or an existing company without DIN.

DIN is a unique identification number of eight (8) digits. It has lifetime validity. With the help of this Unique Identification Number, details of the directors are stored and maintained in the database of the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs i.e.

DIN is specific to a person – means only one DIN is allotted to a person even if the person is a director in one or more than one company. Further, if he leaves a company and joins some other, the same DIN would work in the other company as well.

  1. Where is DIN used?

Whenever a return, an application or any information related to a company will be submitted under any law, the director signing such return, application or information will mention his DIN underneath his signature. DIN is required to be mentioned in all the documents signed by Director under any law.

  1. How to apply for DIN?

To apply for DIN, the DIR-3 form is to be filed electronically. It has to be digitally signed and then uploaded on the MCA21 portal ( The said form to obtain DIN is available for download on the said portal.

Prior to 26th January, 2018, DIN could be obtained at any time before being appointed as a Director of a company. However, the process of allotment of DIN has been changed. Now, DIN to individual can only by allotted at the time of his appointment as Director in a company. DIR-3 (Application for DIN) would be applicable for the allotment of DIN to individuals in respect of existing companies only and shall be filed by the existing company in which the proposed Director is to be appointed.

Further, DINs to the proposed first Directors in respect of new companies would be mandatorily required to be applied for in SPICe forms (subject to a ceiling of 3 new DINs) only.

  1. What are the documents required for allotment of DIN?
    • Photograph
    • Self-attested copy of PAN card
    • Self-attested copy of Aadhaar card
    • Self-attested copy of Voter’s ID card or Driving License or Passport.
    • Self-attested copy of latest Bank Statement or Mobile bill.

    Note: a) “Latest” means not older than 2 months b) In case of foreign nationals, passport is mandatory and shall be attached with the form. Further, their documents shall be attested by Consulate of the Indian Embassy and Foreign Public Notary.

  2. When DIN is generated?

In case of new company, DIN is generated at the time of completion of registration of a company. In case of existing company, DIN is generated once the application fee is paid and the application is submitted.

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