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HomePosts Tagged "Business"
  • How to start a business

 1,113 total views

 1,113 total views Starting a new business is not an easy task. It involves planning, organizing, assessment of resources, considering various business related factors and many other things. You may have an outstanding business idea, but without a proper start, you would not be able to execute it. How to start a business? What would be […]

  • Cryptocurrency, Initial Coin offering ICO, Bitcoin

 1,010 total views

 1,010 total views CRYPTOCURRENCY Why use regulatory bodies, such as banks, to raise funds when they can be replaced with an intangible currency? Why to waste time and efforts for raising funds when it can be raised easily by digitalized crowdfunding? Still not able to get over those technical words as cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs. Well, […]

  • Meaning of Startup. Entrepreneur woman. Startup woman. Failure of startup

 1,080 total views

 1,080 total views Startups are the latest trend in the biz-world we all have heard of. But do we actually know what a startup is? “Startup is a state of mind,” says Adora Cheung, cofounder and CEO of Homejoy, one of the Hottest U.S. Startups of 2013. According to Merriam-Webster, start-up means “the act or an instance of setting […]