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  • MSME registration

 2,636 total views

 2,636 total views MSMEs play a very crucial role in the economy of any country. They help in providing employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost than large industries. Ministry of MSME designs policies and promotes/ facilitates programmes, projects and schemes and monitors their implementation with a view to assist MSMEs and to help them to […]

  • Private Limited Company Registration

 2,424 total views

 2,424 total views REGISTRATION OF A PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY MEANING A Company is a separate legal entity. In other words, a company is a separate person from its owners in the eyes of law. The members/owners/shareholders are separate from the company Thus, a company has a range of legal capacities and its members/owners/shareholders have no personal […]

  • Knovalt
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    Rajat Khaneja
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 1,814 total views

 1,814 total views A foreign promoter can incorporate a Private Limited company in India. Following procedure is involved in registering a private limited company in India with foreign promoter(s): Required documents of foreign promoter:  Following documents are required to establish identity of the foreign promoter. PAN card (not mandatory) Passport (Mandatory) Local Identity proof issued by […]

 1,716 total views

 1,716 total views SWEAT EQUITY SHARES  – are Equity Shares issued by a company to its Permanent Employees and Directors, and Employees and Directors of Holding and Subsidiary Companies against valuable services rendered by them to the Company. INTENT : Generally Sweat Equity Shares are issued by a company to its employees or directors if they […]

  • Startup Recognition

 1,864 total views

 1,864 total views A booming out-pour of Startups in India is the recent trendsetter. Recently, we have witnessed many low and high profile Start-Ups landing up in the Court of law fighting legal battles and sabotaging their reputation publicly. In order to avoid such mistakes, here are “8 quick tips” that a Start-Up must do to […]