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Steel Company objects

HomeSteel Company objects

1. To acquire or carry on in India or elsewhere the business of providing heat and cold treatment of iron, steel (including alloy steel) and metal founders, processors, turners, forgers, drawers, rollers and re-rollers of steel shaftings, bars, rods, etc., in different shapes and sizes from scraps, billets, ingots including wire, nails, screws, metal hinges, plates, sheets, strips, hoops, rounds, circles, angles and to alloy steel, stainless steel, any other products from steel, brass, copper, lead, zinc, nickel and any other ferrous and non-ferrous metals of all sizes, specification and description including ingot casting in electric and furnace. 

2. To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to design, manufacture, produce, prepare, buy, procure, acquire, import, improve upon, alter, manipulate, maintain, prepare for market, handle, assemble, heat, grade, mould, cast, sell, resale, export, operate, dispose of, distribute, transport, store, forward, dispose, consume, repair supply and otherwise deal in or develop all types, varieties, models, shapes, sizes, specifications, description, diameters, capacities, applications, uses and values of gadgets, implements, accessories, parts, spares, assemblies, components, moulds, jigs, nuts, bolts, fixtures and tools, metallic or otherwise. 

3. To act as agent, broker, representative, consultant, collaborator, stockist, lessor, franchiser, wholesaler, retailer, job-worker, exporter, importer, dealer or in any such other capacity in respect of products manufactured or dealt with by the Company. 

4. To carry on all processes like metal printing, metal anodising, electro-plating, chemical treatment and lacquering in respects of products manufactured or dealt with by the Company.