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Main objects of Publication and Distribution company objects

HomeMain objects of Publication and Distribution company objects
  1. To carry on in India or elsewhere the business as printers, publishers, typesesster, DPT operators, proofreaders, binders, cutter, perforators, laminators, designers, authors, writer and editors of publication all varieties, descriptions, specifications, applications & uses including books, novels, magazines, journals, souvenirs, newsletters, periodicals, bulletins, pamphlets, forms catalogues, diaries, calendars, posters, pictures, stickers, text books, law books, school books, college books, newspapers & other allied publications on any subject whatsoever in print as well as in electronic media and to develop software, CDs, cassettes, floppies or any other electors mode, devices, systems and to act as jobwork, contractor, sub-contractor, consultant, date entry operator, page maker, website designer, copyright owner and to deal in all goods, articles and things necessary for the attainment of the above objects.
  2. To undertake or arrange for the writing, printing and publication of books, magazines, journals, newspapers or pamphlets relating to trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, banking, insurance, investment, taxation, finance, economics, law and other subjects.
  3. To carry on in India or in any part of the world, business of publishers, printers, photocopiers, owners, proprietors, importers, exporters, copyright owners, dealers, distributors, stockists and agents of daily, biweekly, weekly, occasional, special, morning, evening news papers, weekly, fortnightly, monthly magazines, journals, books, periodicals, stationery, registers, pamphlets, posters, diaries and other literary work and to undertake publishing work of any kind of government, semi government departments, local bodies, authorities, corporations, companies and other organisations, firms, persons and to work as publicity/advertising agent.
  4. To carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in paper, cardboard, containers, packing materials, printing, drawing and writing materials and requisites, pens, inks, greeting cards, diaries and stationery.