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Petrol Extraction Company Objects

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To establish, start, operate, Propagate, Produce, manufacture, grow, cultivate, process, collaborate, import, export, sell, purchase or otherwise deal in and marketing of Jatropha, medicinal and aromatic plants, usual and unusual herbs, economic and spices plants, plantation and tuber crops, ready to use potted plants, nuclear seedlings, anther / Pollen culture, Protoplasm fusion, genetical engineering, DNAIRNA antisence, RNA rescue, embryo transfer technology, integrated projects related to hybrid seeds/cut flowers, disease indexing of clean plants, oleoresins / spice extracts, encapsulated spices, euro vegetables / fruits, mushroom, dry / fresh fruits / nuts, fresh / canned / dehydrated / frozen fruits / vegetables, cold storages / cold chains, natural colours / dyes / gums / Pigments / enzymes / base oils / isolates / alkaloids, botanicals/ herbal extracts, essential oils, solvent / field / cryo / hydro / steam distillation, research and development in Jatropha and its processing technologies including Cultivation, transesterification of Jatropha oils into bio diesel and to establish its distribution network across the country, agro and allied fields, establishment of agro processing complexes, green / Polygreen houses, solar green houses, Protected cultivation, Post harvest infrastructure development, Processing technologies, wasteland Promotion and development, land use planning, biofertilizers, bactrim, herbal medicines / cosmetics, new generation activated series of agro / biochemicals, polymers, biofungicide / biopesticides, IPM (Integrated pest Management), Cogeneration, recycling of organic waste, fermentation and membrane Process technologies, fast foods, marine and Sea foods, energy foods, meat and meat products, Oshtrich / EMU’s dairy / Poultry / Pig farming and processing technologies, beekeeping, honey and its processing, sericulture and its processing technologies and to operate farming under satellite contractual buy-back schemes including cultivation & processing of medicinal and aromatic plants, usual & unusual rare herbs.