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Main objects of social club company

HomeMain objects of social club company
  1. To provide a secular, non political institution to promote and facilitate different game activities, social, recreational, cultural and intellectual activities among the members of the Club and to support such activities.


  1. To establish and provide recreational sports facilities and other related activities like indoor, outdoor games and sports for members in a phased manner.


  1. To provide temporary accommodation/catering etc. to members and their guest in a phased manner.


  1. To maintain a recreation room.


  1. To promote, encourage and support such activities among the members as are conductive to the growth of social, cultural and intellectual environment in particular.


  1. To give, promote or support receptions, dinners, concerts and other entertainments and to hold, promote or support sports, sport meetings, competitions, championship and matches and to offer and contribute towards prizes, medals , scholarships and awards.


  1. To organise, conduct classes or coaching schemes in Judo, Karate, Dancing, Music, Art and any other fine arts, health club, hobbies and sports generally.


  1. To establish, promote, manage or assist in the establishment, promotion or management of any other body or association either in India or outside India, whose objects are similar either in full or in part to the objects of the Club and to affiliate the Club to such institutions in India or abroad.


  1. To perform acts of charity and render service to those in need, especially the poor and backward in community, irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion.


  1. Generally to engage in such other activities as are incidental or conductive or otherwise advantageous to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


  1. To organise and manage indoor and outdoor games like Billiards, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Carom Board, Ludo, Chess, Badminton, Playing Cards so as to help physical and mental development of members and to provide healthy recreation of friendship, nationalism by organising sports, games, kavi sammelan, dances, Mushaira, Drama and magic show.