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Main objects of organic chemicals & oil manufacturing company

HomeMain objects of organic chemicals & oil manufacturing company
  1. To carry on the business of manufacturing, processing, preparing, formulating, exporting and importing, buying and selling and dealing in organic chemicals such as fats, organic acids, poly oils etc., from oil seeds of any description or any of them and all its by products, and products to be made therefrom.
  2. To extract oil from oil cake and oil seeds and carry out process of refinement and conversion of oil, to manufacture all types of soaps and all sorts of by products, including manufacture of steric acid and glycerine.
  3. To purchase, sell, import and export, or carry on the business of manufacture of all kinds of chemicals and compounds and preparations therefrom, dye stuffs, and bleaching materials, glue, resin, cellulose, spirits, turpentine, soap, salt, oil, caustic soda, clay and other materials used in the manufacture or treatment of pulp, paper and board.
  4. To take on lease or otherwise acquire any lands, forests, timber land and estates of every description and any right in, over or connected with the land, to develop the resources of the Company, in particular by clearing, draining, fencing, planting, cultivating, building, improving, farming, irrigating, gazing and by promoting immigration and emigration and the establishment of villages and settlements.