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Main Objects of Infrastructure & Civil Contracting & Construction Company

HomeMain Objects of Infrastructure & Civil Contracting & Construction Company
  1. To carry on all the business of builders, real estate-developers, contractors, sub-contractors, dealers and by advancing money to and enter into contracts and arrangements of all kinds with builders, tenants, occupiers and others, land development, service apartments ,serviced plots, constructions of   residential and commercial premises including business centers and offices, securing lands ,private or Government for formation and development of town ships, and to deal in and act as agents for lands ,buildings, factories, houses, .flats and other residential and commercial plots ,and construct/maintain and alter residential, commercial , industrial plots and properties and sale or lease them out by providing with all modern amenities and development thereof and securing capital, funds and raising loans for construction and advancing to other organizations for similar purposes.
  2. To provide City and region level urban infrastructure facilities, to lay-out, develop, construct, build, acquire, erect, demolish, re-erect, alter, modify, repair, re-model, or to do any other work in connection with any building or building works, roads, highways, bridges, sewers, canals, wells, dams, power plants, reservoirs, tramways, railways, sanitary, water, gas, electric lights, telephonic and telegraphic works, and such purposes to prepare in designing, estimating, planning, modeling.
  1. To carry on the business of construction, builders, contractors, engineers, colonizers, town planners, surveyors, values, appraisers, decorators, furnishers, manufacturers of prefabricated and precasted houses, and to acts agents and contractors for the purposes of real estates, residential complexes / flats / enclave / commercial complexes / multi storied buildings etc., and to carry on all types of construction activities, and act as consultants, advisors, technical consultants, collaborators, designers and architects for all kinds of construction activities in India and abroad and to undertake all civil, mechanical, electrical works, all types of infrastructure facilities like BOOT ( Built, Operate, Own and Transfer), BOT (Built, operate and Transfer), BOLT ( Built, Operate, Lease and Transfer), BOO (Built, Operate and Own) in India or abroad either or its own or with joint venture with any other Indian or Foreign participant.