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Main objects of film production company

HomeMain objects of film production company
  1. To carry on the business of the cinematograph trade and industry in all their branches and activities and particularly the business of manufacture, production, distribution, exploitation, exhibition, import and export of all kinds of cine films, talkie films, video films, telefilms, documentary films, advertising films, TV Serials and films and motion pictures of all kinds and nature for entertainment, amusement, publicity, education and instruction in all languages prevailing in the world.
  2. To carry on either solely or in partnership, periodically or permanently the business of running, conducting and managing as proprietors, lessees, tenants, licensees, managers and agents of cinematograph cinemas and theatres, places and halls, preview theatres, video theatres, studios, cinematographic shows and exhibitions and other entertainments and amusements and places of entertainments and amusements and in particular to provide for production, projection, representation and performance of cinematographic films, motion pictures, video films, telefilms and films and motion pictures of all kinds and nature in all its branches and performances, exhibitions and representations of one or more of them or any part thereof by means of cinematograph films, television, radio, video cassettes, video discs or any other similar contrivances and appliances by means whereof the same may be mechanically or otherwise performed, exhibited and represented and in connection therewith.
  3. To carry on business as distributors, buyers, sellers, merchants and dealers in cinematograph films, records, tapes and apparatus for recording or reproducing sights and sounds and all rights to produce, distribute or exhibit any performance, entertainment or event by means of films, records or such other apparatus.