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Main objects of Chamber Of Commerce and Industry

HomeMain objects of Chamber Of Commerce and Industry
  1. To encourage a friendly feeling and unanimity among business men and professionals involving their common good.
  2. To promote and protect the general mercantile and industrial interest of India.
  3. To consider all questions connected with agriculture, trade, commerce and manufacture; to obtain the removal of grievances affecting businessmen or mercantile interest in general; and to promote or oppose legislative and other measures as circumstances may require.
  4. To collect and disseminate data, statistics and information relating to agricultural activities, trade, commerce and industry.
  5. To undertake and arrange for the settlement by arbitration of trade disputes.
  6. To communicate with officials on problems raised by members, to obtain their views on them and disseminate the same among all concerned.
  7. To organise periodical meetings, seminars and symposia with Government officials and to seek clarification and solution to the problems confronting the interests of the members.
  8. To organise Trade and Industrial Missions comprising of members, specialists and entrepreneurs both in India and abroad, to arrange meetings with the Foreign Trade and Industrial teams visiting India.
  9. To formulate expert opinion on topical subjects and to submit wherever necessary recommendations to the concerned authorities and to render advice to the members.
  10. To render expert advice on different problems and solutions thereto in connection with taxation, excise and customs, company law, industrial licensing and import-export to members.
  11. To render advice on all aspects of export documentation, including letters of credit and mode of payment to intending business houses, to issue certificates of origin, and to certify commercial invoices.
  12. To offer expert advice and render assistance to members on all matters, including labour and industrial relations, to prepare applications, replies and to appear on behalf of the members before any authority.
  13. To encourage, assist, guide and render specialised services to small scale industries, including availability of raw materials, plant and equipments, technical know-how, cost of installation and production, legal procedure, arrangement of funds, market for the sale of produced goods, etc.
  14. To act as an Information Centre, to collect literature, books, periodicals, magazines and other publications from all over the world, to disseminate factual information on all matters concerning business and industry, to establish and run a modern library for reference, assistance, and advantage of the members.
  15. To publish books and brochures on subjects of topical interest and proceedings of seminars and conferences organised by the Chambers.
  16. To act as a Centre for extending common facilities to the members.
  17. To encourage, aid, assist, organise or undertake and contribute to the execution of Community Development and Social Welfare Programme, including rural development, urban growth, technical education, environmental quality etc.
  18. To create public opinion, encourage and activate social responsibilities of business enterprises and to establish just and equitable principles in trade, commerce and industry.
  19. To act as a centre of studies and research on subjects of interest to members.
  20. To organise exhibitions and/or take up mass communication projects by means of news, letters, circulars, notices, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, cinemas, television, radio, etc.
  21. To establish effective communication for supporting or opposing the policies of the government in the interest of its members.
  22. To impart training and guidance to young persons with a view to enabling them for employment in association members.
  23. To arrange facilities for books, guides, data and information, to conduct courses and to hold examinations in professional as well as vocational disciplines.
  24. To enter into agreements with other Chambers of Commerce and other bodies for the advancement of trade and manufacture and the protection of traders and manufacturers and to subscribe to and promote the aims and objects of any society or association having similar objects to all or any of the objects of the association and to encourage and support any society, association or movement for the improvement of commercial law.
  25. To borrow or raise monies required for the purpose of this company.
  26. To acquire, purchase, build or take on lease or hire any movable or immovable property or rights; and to sell, mortgage or otherwise dispose of all or any part of such property and rights.
  27. To invest the monies of the company not immediately required in such securities as may from time to time be determined.
  28. To establish or support or aid in the establishment and support of associations, institutions, funds and trusts calculated to benefit employees or ex-employees of the Company or their dependents and grant them pensions and other allowances.
  29. To draw, make, accept, discount, execute and issue bills of exchange, promissory notes, bills of lading, warrants, debentures and other negotiable and transferable instruments and securities.
  30. To subscribe to local and national charities and to grant donations for public purpose.
  31. And generally to do all other acts, deeds and things necessary or incidental to or for the carrying out the objects.