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Main objects of Building material manufacturing company

HomeMain objects of Building material manufacturing company

  1. To  produce, manufacture, treat, process, prepare, refine, import, export, purchase, sell and generally to deal in, and to act as brokers, agents, stockist, distributors and suppliers of all types and kinds of cement (whether ordinary, white, coloured, portland, pozzolana, blast, furnace, slag, rapid hardening, silica or otherwise), lime and limestone, clinker and/or by roducts thereof, as well as cement products such as pipes, poles, slabs, asbestos sheets, blocks, tiles, gardenwares, plaster of Paris, lime, pipes, building  materials  and otherwise and articles, things, compounds and preparations connected with the aforesaid products and in connection therewith; to take on lease, acquire, erect,  construct, establish, work, operate or/and maintain cement factories, quarries, mines, workshops and other works.
  2. To manufacture, process, prepare and generally to deal in cement oriented products, cement poles, cement pipes and cement benches and prestressed concrete building section, bridge section, walls, drain covers, and fire clay and fire bricks of all kinds, stoneware, bricks, tiles, earthenware, glassware, glass, crockery, sanitary wares, china and terracotta, refractories and ceramic wares of all kinds and other allied goods.
  3. To manufacture, process, trade or deal in and undertake manufacturing of bricks, tiles, cement pipes, cement poles, lime, building materials, requisites and other materials used in construction or any substitute thereof.