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Main objects of Automobile service centre company

HomeMain objects of Automobile service centre company

  1. To carry on all or any of the business of importers and exporters, buyers, sellers, stockists, suppliers, agents and distributors, wholesale and retail dealers, repairers, hirers, stores of and workers in motor cars, motor buses, omnibuses, motor lorries, station wagons, motor trucks, motor cycles, scooters, jeeps, trolleys, trailers, buses, motor vans, vehicles, commercial vehicles, velocipades, whether propelled or assisted by means of petrol, diesel oil, powering oil, spirit, gas, vapour, electricity, battery, solar energy, animal, manual labour or any other powers whatsoever and to own, lease, manage, carry on and run the business of garage proprietors, workshop owners and of a service station for motor vehicles of all kinds, servicing, repairing and maintenance of vehicles of every description.
  2. To manufacture, produce, buy, sell all kind of spare parts, components, accessories, fittings, furnishings, engines, chassis, bodies, tools and implements, in connection with the above mentioned things such as petrol, oil, lubricants and petroleum products, new and used motor vehicles, caravans, trailers, tyres and tubes, batteries, spare parts, accessories, radios, cassette players, rubber and electrical goods and to carry on the business of body builders of motor vehicles and trucks.
  3. To carry on all or any of the business of carriers of passengers, goods and merchandise by sea, air, rail, road or other means of transport, manage and maintain steam ships, aircraft, automobiles, trucks, taxis, buses, lorries, vehicles and conveyance of all kind and to act as shipping, chartering, forwarding, clearing and transport agents and as warehousemen, wharfingers, freight contractors, brokers and general traders and to establish, undertake, maintain and provide all services and facilities connected therewith.
  4. To undertake the safe keeping, cleaning, repairing, painting, furnishing, body building, refuelling and servicing of motor vehicles of all kinds.
  5. To operate motor transport of all kinds, including the leasing, hiring or letting out of cars, trucks, tractors, and breakdown vehicles.