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Main objects of asbestos manufacturing company

HomeMain objects of asbestos manufacturing company

  1. To carry on the business as manufacturers, buyers, sellers and dealers in asbestos and other sheeting materials; articles or goods of every description made or composed wholly or partly of asbestos, cement, concrete, concrete products, plasters, lime, clay, gravel, sand or minerals, earth, coke, fuel china, terracotta and ceramic ware of all kinds, quarry owners, road and sewer contractors, carriers, auctioneers, house and estate agents, surveyors and architects, and to carry on any joiner works, steel casement works, or any other works, treatment of asbestos or other minerals or substances.
  2. To manufacture, process, trade or deal in and undertake manufacturing of bricks, tiles, cement pipes, cement poles, lime, building materials, requisites and other materials used in construction or any substitute thereof.