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Main objects of Animal Husbandry Company

HomeMain objects of Animal Husbandry Company

  1. To purchase, prepare, breed, rear, sell, import, export, improve, deal and trade in all kinds of animals, cattle and live stock such as cow, ox, bull, buffaloes, fish, horses, asses, donkeys, mules, pigs, sheep, goats, birds, bee, poultry, live and dead stocks of every description and to process, pack, preserve, distribute or otherwise deal in milk, cream, butter, honey, egg, pork, prawn and other commodities, goods or things, products, wastes, by products, residuals of animal origin.
  2. To undertake and carry on poultry farms, fishery, piggery and dairy farming and for the purpose to prepare stables, dens, sheds, kennels, nests, burrows, dwelling places and grazing pastures, veterinary hospitals for keeping and rearing animals, livestock for safe custody and for improving their breed by cross breeding or otherwise deal in all kinds and classes of animal products including meat, ham, pork, steak, beef, chicken, oils, fats, skins, nails, teeth, hair, hooves, horns, etc.