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Main objects of Analytical Laboratory Company

HomeMain objects of Analytical Laboratory Company

  1. To acquire, promote, establish, maintain, conduct and run testing laboratory, research laboratory, experimental workshops, scientific laboratory, pathology laboratory, medical examination centres, diagnostic centres, investigation centres and other organisations for examination, analysis, investigations, test, experiment & research on behalf of government, semi government, local authorities, private bodies and general public for all kinds of materials, including pharmaceuticals, drugs, chemicals, medical, metallurgical, electronic, cement, electrical, agricultural, edibles, and other items of industrial, domestic or commercial use.
  2. To buy, sell, import, export, consign, store, clean, recondition & develop or otherwise to deal in all types of intermediates, chemicals, instruments, equipment, apparatuses, accessories, fittings, goods, articles or things which are required for the attainment of the above objects.
  3. To provide cargo inspection, survey, sampling facility for export material and insurance purposes.
  4. To provide ISI, ISO9000, Food and Drug administration, Agmark, NPL testing and consultancy facilities.