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Main objects of amusement and exhibition services company

HomeMain objects of amusement and exhibition services company

  1. To purchase, lease, hire, construct, provide, operate, equip and maintain land, buildings, theatres, cinemas, studios, concert halls, stadiums, tracks, arenas, golf and putting courses, bowling greens, tennis, squash and paddling pools, marinas, landing stages, jetties, coach and car parks, chairs, machines, and all other structures, apparatus, equipment and articles which may appear necessary or convenient for the carrying on of any such business.
  2. To carry on the business of proprietors and operators of amusement parks, and as promoters, organisers and managers of all kinds of entertainments, sports, recreations, indoor and outdoor amusements, including funfairs, circuses, amusement arcades, exhibitions, sideshows and games, competitions, tournaments, concerts, cinema and television performance, stage and variety shows, dancing, skating, aquatic and equestrian events, and pyrotechnic, aerial and other displays and to enter into agreements with, grant lease and licences to, and engage and employ showmen, artists, entertainers, performers, sportsmen and other persons for the purpose.
  3. To carry on, either directly or providing facilities for others, the business of restaurant, milk bar and cafe proprietors, licensed victualers, wine, beer and spirit merchants (wholesale and retail), manufacturers and vendors of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, groceries and provisions and of refreshment caterers, suppliers and contractors.
  4. To carry on, either directly or providing facilities for others, the business of manufacturers and vendors, whether wholesale or retail of all kinds of confectionery, ice cream, tobacco and cigarettes, toys, scent and perfumery goods, fancy goods, photographic materials, fancy jewellery, stationery, newspapers, periodicals and other publications, textiles and other soft goods, and any articles for sale in automatic vending machines, or for use in any game playing or amusement machines.