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Main objects of airline operator & management company

HomeMain objects of airline operator & management company

  1. To carry on business as manufacturers, producers, designers, importers, exporters, traders, buyers, sellers, indenters, agents, sub-agents, repairers, cleaners or otherwise deal in and operate all types of aeroplanes, seaplanes, flying boats, hovercraft, helicopters, and other craft or conveyances appropriate for the carriage of passengers, freight and mails by air and all or any parts, equipment, engines, machinery and plant relating thereto and to carry out and conduct any tests, experiments, research or development necessary or expedient for such purpose.
  2. To carry on the business of chartering aircraft, helicopters and allied air vehicles in scheduled and unscheduled manner to institutions, concerns, body corporates, associations (incorporated or unincorporated), Governments, public and local bodies and authorities, societies and trusts and persons in India and outside and to undertake and operate air service and air taxi operations subject to the permission and control of appropriate Government and their agencies as may be required.
  3. To purchase, take on lease, hire, take licences of, or otherwise acquire or sell, let out, or otherwise give any exclusive or other right or interest in aerodromes, landing grounds, airports, helipads, land and sea planes bases, hangers, machine shops, engineering shops, sheds for servicing, maintaining, and landing all kinds of aircraft in any part of the world and to obtain and hold from any state, sovereign, government, or semi governmental authority, any licences, authorities or rights necessary or convenient for such purpose.
  4. To manufacture, deal in, recondition and service aircraft and other apparatuses of every description capable of being flown or navigated in the air, whether powered or not and to deal in their components, parts, accessories, fittings, equipments, instruments, systems, devices, consumables and other allied products thereof.
  5. To carry on the business of travel agents, tour operators, general carriers, forwarding agents, packers and movers, air transporters, aerial surveyors.