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Main objects of Air Conditioners manufacturing company

HomeMain objects of Air Conditioners manufacturing company

  1. To design, develop, invent, assemble, fabricate, manufacture, distribute, market, sell, service, repair, replace refrigeration, air conditioning plants, cold storage machinery, cooling appliances, apparatuses and machinery, freezing, dehydrating equipment, dehumidifying equipment, heating equipment, boilers, industrial furnaces, kitchen equipments, complete and parts, accessories, articles and fittings thereof, fabrication of these out of any metal and fibre reinforced plastic.
  2. To manufacture, produce, process or assemble and deal in air and gas treatment plants and equipments, air conditioning plants, chilling plants, refrigeration, cold storage machinery and equipment, industrial fans, steam heaters, air filters, air curtains, spray painting booths and complete systems relating to air and gas technology.
  3. To carry on the business of manufacturers and dealers in machinery and plant of every description and kind and in particular machine tools and implements, and to manufacture, produce, repair, alter, convert, recondition, prepare for sale, buy, sell, hire, import, export, let on hire, trade and deal in machine tools and implements, plant equipments, articles, apparatus, appliances, components, parts, accessories, fittings and things in any stage or degree of manufacture, process or refinement.
  4. To execute the jobs of air conditioning, cooling, refrigeration and heating of premises, vehicles, railway coaches and wagons.