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Main objects of Agro mills company

HomeMain objects of Agro mills company

  1. To carry on the business of growers, agriculturist, producers, processors,  manufacturers, importers, exporters; traders, dealers, packers, stockiest, agents of wheat, gram, pulses and other agricultural produce and crushing, extracting oils from the seeds.
  2. To acquire, promote, establish and carry on business of manufacturers, importers, exporters, traders, dealers and  processors of agro based products of high protein, soyabean meal, high protein foods,  soyaflour,  soyameal, proteins, proteinconcentrates, protein isolates, lecithin, glycerine, emulsifiers,  oils, deoiled cakes, refined oil, vanaspati, margarine, from  or  out of cotton seeds, castor, linseed, sunflower, soyabean,  rice bran, ground nut and other types of edible and non edible,  essential and nonessential, oil seeds and solvent extraction by ordinary crushing or any other process and utilise the oils,  cakes and proteins to be produced therefrom.
  3. To carry on the business as manufacturers, processors, importers,  exporters,  traders, packers and to treat, process, purchase,  sell, market, repack or otherwise deal  in horticulture, vegetable, fruit and fruit products and food processing and fruit juices and essences, vegetable juices and essences  and drinks thereof; milk products, condensed milk powder, milk cream, cheese, butter, oil and all types of flowers, flower products and flower essences and to carry on the business of farmers, dairymen, milk contractors and dairy farmers.