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Main objects of Aerated Water, juices manufacturing company

HomeMain objects of Aerated Water, juices manufacturing company

  1. To carry on business as brewers, distillers, manufacturers and dealers in squashes, syrups, essences, aerated waters and of malt, hopes, grains, meal, yeast and all other materials and things capable of being used in connection with any such manufacture or business.
  2. To carry on the business of bottling of soft drinks, aerated, mineral & artificial waters and other beverages, fruit juices, cocktails under franchise agreement of well known producers or otherwise and for that purpose to buy, sell, manufacture, import and deal in all types of bottles, stoppers, corks including tinplate crown corks, crates and containers, whether of glass, plastic, wood or any other material.
  3. To carry on business as bakers, confectioners and manufacturers of and dealers in confectionery, bakery and dairy products.