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Main objects of Advertising Agency Company

HomeMain objects of Advertising Agency Company

  1. To carry on the business of advertising agents and publicity  agents and releasers and contractors both outdoor and in newspapers, magazines, books, screens, journals, walls, buses, railway carriage, hoardings, souvenirs, catalogues, brochures, pamphlets, visiting cards, gift articles, calendars, diaries, presentation  articles, audio cassettes, to erect posters, distribute handbills,  to announce through loudspeakers, to erect panels for display  of  painted bulletins whether electrically, electronically illustrated,  to exhibit by means of electric signs, neon signs, electronic  display  boards, films, slides, video cassettes or  displaying  through the advertising material currently in vogue, to purchase and  sell advertising time or space on any radio station, television centre in India or abroad or any other media currently in  vogue and to promote the sale or interest of its clients by organizing trade fairs, exhibitions, road shows.
  2. To prepare, advise, devise, compose, design, layout,  manufacture, construct, install, fabricate, paint, finish, buy, sell,  print, screen print all kinds of advertising and publicity material  such as slides, cassettes, pamphlets, calendars, posters, hoardings, cutouts, etc.