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Jewellers Company objects

HomeJewellers Company objects

1. To carry on all or any of the business of goldsmiths, silver smiths, jewellers, gem and diamond merchants and of manufacturing and dealing in clocks, watches, jewellery, cutlery and their components and accessories and of producing acquiring and trading in metals, bullion, gold ornaments, silver utensils, diamond, precious stones, paintings, manuscripts, antiques and objects of art.

2. To carry on the trades of business of gold smiths, silver smiths, enamellers, jewellers, gem merchants, electroplates, importers and exporters of bullion and other refined and smelted metals.

3. To carry on business as goldsmiths, silversmiths jewellers, gem merchants, importers and exporters of bullion and buy, sell and deal (wholesale and retail) in bullion precious stones, jewellery gold or silver cups, shields, articles of virtue objects of art.

4. To carry on business as goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewellers, gem merchants and importers and exporters of bullion and to buy, sell and deal in 9 wholesale or retail) precious stones, jewellery, gold and silver plate, electroplate, bronzes, articles or various objects of art and to manufacture and to establish factories for manufacturing goods for the above business.