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Investment consultant and merchant banking company objects

HomeInvestment consultant and merchant banking company objects

1. To act as a Merchant Bankers, Portfolio Managers, Underwriters, Sub-Underwriters, Consultants for Capital Issues, Advisors to Capital Issues, Registrars to the issue, Share Transfer Agents, Investment Consultants, Consultants and Management Advisors to Corporate Bodies, Individuals and Promoters in commercial, industrial management and policy matters and to make project evaluation, feasibility studies, project report, and surveys and to give expert advice and suggest ways and means for improving efficiency  in business  organization and concerns and industries of all kinds and/or to act as lead managers, co-managers to issue of shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, commercial paper or other securities of bodies corporate  or industrial undertaking and/or shares ,stocks, bonds, debentures, commercial paper or other securities issued to any government or semi-government authority or public authority of government under taking or stocks, bonds, debentures or of the securities.   

2. To carry on business of investment and to undertake and transact and deal in bills of exchange, hundies, promissory notes and other negotiable instruments and securities and also to issue on commission, to subscribe for, underwrite, take, acquire and hold, sell and exchange and deal in shares, stocks, bonds or debentures or securities of any government or public authority and/or to acquire any such shares, stocks, debentures, bonds by original subscriptions, exchange or otherwise and to subscribe for the same either conditionally or otherwise and to guarantee the subscription thereof.