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Hospitality Services/ Hotels Company objects

HomeHospitality Services/ Hotels Company objects

1. To purchase & acquire land for establishment of hotels, holidays, resorts, villas, lodgings, stalls, garages, summerhouses, chateaus, castles, inns, hostels, road houses, motels, taverns, rest houses, guest houses. 

2. To sell, serve & to distribute & to manage  & market the manufacture of selling, serving & distribution of comestible, eatables. Victuals, meat, bread, bread stuffs & all types of food stuffs & human consumables. 

3. To sell serve & to distribute & to manage & market, selling, serving & distributing of soft drinks, aerated waters, beverages, both natural & artificial fresh & canned vegetables & meats, fresh & canned fruits & to manufacture, grow, produce, develop, process ( including canning, cold storage, deep freezing de-hydration, baking, drying, bottling & packing ) of all types of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, spices & condiments. 

4. To carry on the business of travel agents, hirers of motor & other vehicles, caterers for public amusements, hair dressers, perfumes, chemists, proprietors of clubs, bath, dressing rooms, laundries, reading rooms, writing rooms, newspaper & smoking room, libraries, places of amusements, recreation, sports, entertainment & instruction of all kinds, departmental stores, agents for railway, shipping and airplane companies and carriers, theatrical and opera box office, proprietors, insurance agents.