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Fertilisers and Chemicals Company Objects

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1. To carry on the business of manufacture, imports, exports, distributors, dealers , and agents in ago chemical products, fertilizers and insecticides, pesticides chemical manure including nitrogenous, phosphoric , potassium like urca, ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitro phosphate and other nitrogen allied chemicals, super phosphates, single, double, triple and allied phosphoric manures, potassium manures and granulated manures, mixtures of N.P.K different composition and of different proportions of N.P.K, di-ammonium phosphates, muriate of potash, dolomile gypsum, organic manure, leather meat, bonemeat, hoofs and horns, meat bone, grist, sterilised animal meat, potassium chloride, crystals, sodium nitrate, fertilizers, mixture of calcium nitrate  and ammonium nitrate (and ) mixture of calcium nitrate and magnesium nitrate and also in all types of liquid and vegetable fertilizers.

2. To carry on the business of manufacturing, refining and preparing all classes and kinds of fertilizers and all classes and kinds of chemicals including petro chemicals and plastics and industrial and other preparations arising from or required in the manufacture of any kind of fertilizers and chemicals and to carry on any operation or processes of mixing, granulating different chemicals or fertilizers.

3. To manufacture acids, alkalies, corrosive, anti- corrosive substances, non corrosive substances, all kinds of chemicals and petro chemicals as elements and intermediates moderators or in mixture or compound forms.

4. To buy, sell, import, export, treat in and deal in any kind of chemicals, petro chemicals and plastics, fertilizers or other things which the company is authorized to manufacture and any raw materials required for the manufacturing of any chemicals or fertilizers or other things which this company is authorized to manufacture.

5. To carry of the business of buyers, sellers, dealers, stockist, merchants and distributors of urea and fertilizers like, ammonium sulphate, nitrate (double salt ), ammonium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate ( Nitrate Stone ), ammonium chloride, super phosphate, urea and other types of fertilizers of synthetics or natural origin containing nitrogen, phosphorus or other compounds, soda as, pesticides, D.D.T seeds, processed seeds, concentrate for cattle or poultry feed and to manufacture various inorganic and organic compounds by all possible methods now prevalent or as they may be devised in future.