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Main objects of Conductors and Cables manufacturing Company

HomeMain objects of Conductors and Cables manufacturing Company
  1. To manufacture, buy, sell, exchange, improve, repair, modify, manipulate, import or export or otherwise deal in all kinds of conductors, cables and wire for telephone, telegraph- telecommunication, television, signalling, controlling or monitoring for electric, electronics and power systems, transmissions, broadcasting, reception and distribution in all forms and media and for industry nby using conductors such as copper, bronze, aluminium cadmium, alloys or optic fibre with any or all kinds of insulation or covering material such as plastic compounds chemicals, rubber, natural or synthetic and core unfilled or filled with petroleum jelly or equivalent and armoured or un-armoured and for use in overhead lines, underground or underwater systems or to act as manufacturers, buyers, sellers, importers, exporters of, or other wise deal in all kinds of conductors of electricity in different configuration and round or grooved copper wires whether insulated or not for use in tramways, trolleys, buses, railway cranes, motor / generator windings, transformers, switch gears, lightning conductors aerials, furnaces, ship wiring, switch –boards, bells, fuses, welding and steel wires / ropes, including various compounds are armouring and filling material used for the manufacture of telephones and telecommunication cables.
  2. To manufacture, produce, process, prepare, fabricate, extrude, roll, reroll, blend, coat, insulate, manipulate, pack, repack, grade, import, export, buy, sell, resale, and to act as agent, broker, contractor, jobworker, supplier, provider, collaborator, consignor, consultant, stockist, distributor, trader, C & F agent, delcredre agent or otherwise to deal in all types, specifications, applications, descriptions & capacities of wires & cables such as super enamelled wires (bare or covered by plastic, Rubber, Cotton, Paper and PVC), conductors made of any matter or substance, copper conductors, aluminium conductors, low, medium and high tension insulators, switch gears, PVC wires, electrical wires, telephone wires, antenna wires, insulated wires, jelly filled cables, optical fibre cables, hi tension wires & ropes, communication wires and other allied goods, articles and things, their raw materials, intermediates, substances & consumables.
  3. To manufacture, buy, sell, exchange, supply, alter, improve, prepare for market, import or export or otherwise deal in all type and kind of spare parts and components of every type of Electric motors (including Stators, Rotors, Actuators) and Pumps meant for domestic, agriculture, industrial purposes and all types of machinery, plant or apparatus and things required or capable of being used in connection with the manufacture of the above or for the generation, accumulation, distribution, supply or employment of electricity.