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Coffee and Tea Company objects

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To carry on the business of planters, cultivators, manufacturers, buyers and sellers of coffee, tea, tea seed and in this connection to purchase, take on lease or in exchange or otherwise acquire any lands, tea gardens, plantations and property as the company may think necessary or convenient for its business and to form, open out work and carry on the business of a tea estate or tea estate on any lands, to acquire construct and maintain  factories, establishment, works, buildings and erections for all or any of the purposes aforesaid., and to acquire or make machinery, implements and articles required to be used for any such purposes, to carry on as principal or agents in any branch of agricultural, manufacturing or mercantile business for which the company’s lands, tea gardens, establishments, property and employees may be conveniently applicable and to carry on all such business connected with the acquisition, hiring, leasing, planting, irrigation and cultivation of lands and the rendering merchantable and disposing of the produce thereof as are usually or may conveniently be associated with the plantation and cultivation of tea garden, and the manufacture, export and sale of tea or any other produce of the soil.