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Main objects of Mechanical Applicances manufacturing company

HomeMain objects of Mechanical Applicances manufacturing company
  1. To manufacture, produce, prepare, assemble, heat, grade, mould, cast, buy, sell, resale, import, export, store, forward, distribute, dispose of, develop, handle, manipulate, market, supply or otherwise to deal in all types, description, diameters, capacities, applications and uses of mechanical appliances, goods, merchandise, articles, machinery, equipments, devices capable of being run and consume electricity or capable of generating and distributing electricity or power of any type whatsoever such as ceiling fans, rotators, transformers, air conditioners, diesel engines.
  2. To carry on business of manufacturers, producers, processors, exporters, buyers, sellers, traders, distributors, fabricators, assemblers, fitters, installers, repairers, agents and dealers in electrical, electronics and mechanical engineering items including motors, pumps, generator sets, and all types of electrical, mechanical, electromechanical & electronic items, and spare parts, accessories used for industrial, domestic and agricultural purposes.