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Main objects of health and fitness, gym company

HomeMain objects of health and fitness, gym company
  1. To acquire, establish, run, manage, construct, build, take on hire or lease, maintain, organise, promote, provide, acquire, develop, erect, and to handle, hospital, health centres, dispensaries, operation theatres, yoga centres, immunization centres, massage houses, beauty saloons, clinics, maternity & family planning units, gymnasiums, swimming pools, poly clinics, natural cure centres, sona & steam bath, nursing homes, pathological laboratories, eye banks, blood banks, kidney banks, sports clubs, diagnostic centres, medical & other research centres and similar establishment on membership basis or otherwise for the treatment of persons suffering from illness or mental defect or for the betterment of the society at large.
  2. To run chemist shop and to carry on, manufacture, produce, export, import, buy, sell, fabricate, discover, develop, design, process, investigate, store, formulate, install, repair, maintain, recondition, turn to account, exchange, sponsor, distribute or otherwise to deal in all sorts of medicines, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, injections, drugs, formulations, apparatus, instruments, accessories, natural & artificial human body parts and other allied goods & articles.
  3. To establish, provide, maintain and run research centres, laboratories, experimental workshops and to carry out medical research by engaging in the research and development of all fields of medical science, and in therapies of medical treatment