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Main objects of casting company

HomeMain objects of casting company
  1. To promote, establish and run steel plants, rolling mills, steel furnaces and to carry on the business of manufacturers, processors, founders of iron and steel, tin plates, ferrous and non ferrous metals, ingots, blooms, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, sheet workers, smelters, founder and steel fabricators.
  2. To carry on in India or elsewhere the business of manufacturers, processors, fabricators, drawers, rollers and rerollers of ferrous and nonferrous metals, steels, alloy steels, special and stainless steels, brass, bronze, aluminium, shaftings, bars, rods, flats, squares from scrap, sponge iron, pig iron, prereduced billets, ingots including manufacturing, processing and fabricating of pipes, expanded metal, hinges, plates, sheets, strips, blooms, rounds, circles and angles and to act as exporters, importers and dealers in all such and allied merchandise.