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Main objects of CARRIERS AND CARGO MOVERS company

HomeMain objects of CARRIERS AND CARGO MOVERS company
  1. To carry on business as general carriers and freight forwarders, transport, cartage and haulage contractors and to provide carrier, freight, transport, courier, taxi, truck, light or heavy haulage and delivery services by land, road, railway, sea, river, canal, water or air for and in connection with any containers, packages, parcels, articles, mails, goods or bulk commodities.
  2. To carry passengers by air, road, rail, land, sea or water, and to operate any taxi service and to construct, equip, maintain, work, purchase, sell, export, import, lease, hire, let on hire, repair or otherwise deal in any aircraft, ship, car, bus or any kind of vehicle or mode of transport and to act as booking agents, indenting agents and travel agents.
  3. To carry, collect, receive, load, unload, store, consign, distribute, transfer and deliver goods, wares, merchandise, parcels, packages, baggage, freight, animals, livestock, timber, coal, oil, ores and other minerals and other property of every description by any mode of transport and for such purpose to acquire, manage and operate warehouses and bonded warehouses, act as agents for shippers and consigners, and to issue warehouse warrants and receipts and bills of lading and to act as clearing and forwarding agents.