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Main objects of Business or Trade Association

HomeMain objects of Business or Trade Association
  1. To promote, form, encourage, establish and run business and trade associations in India and abroad for matters relating to regional, national, intercontinental & international interest and welfare to boost, regulate and develop trade, transport, industry, science, health care, food, environment, social welfare, housing, insurance, communication, aviation, finance, entertainment, art, banking and other subjects of social, economic, commercial, defence, science and general importance and to participate, delegate, organise & sponsor seminars, workshops, meetings, festivals, training centres, classes & lectures for the attainment of above objects.
  2. To encourage a friendly feeling and unanimity amongst business community on all subjects connected with the common good of business.
  3. To collect and circulate statistics and other information relating to agriculture, trade, commerce and industry.
  4. To consider all questions connected with or affecting any trade, commerce and manufacture; to obtain the removal, as far as possible, of grievances affecting businessmen or mercantile interests in general; and to promote or oppose legislative and other measures as circumstances may require and to secure organised action on all subjects mentioned above.