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Leather Products Company objects

HomeLeather Products Company objects

1. To carry on the business of leather of leather products and manufacturers of rubber, leather, imitation, leather cloth, leather bags, leather material required by trade and industry, tour and travel requisites, items required for personal use like purses and pouches, travel kits, travel bags and allied material.

2. To carry on the business as manufacturers, importers and exporters of and dealers in leather, chamois, leather cloth, hides, skins, shargreen, artificial leather, rubber, silk cloth, linoleum, leather cleats, leggings, linings, gloves, purses, boxes, trunks, suit cases, attaché cases, travelling case portmanteau, fancy goods, bags, saddlery, boots and shoes, houses, washers, belting and goods made from all or any of the aforesaid materials and generally to carry on business as tanners, carriers, leather dressers, harness makers, whip makers, gliders, cleaners, dyers, revivers, upholsterers and furniture makers.