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IT and ITES Company objects

HomeIT and ITES Company objects

1. To carry on in India and abroad all kinds of business in the field of telecommunication, information technology, e-commerce, computer hardware and software and all other related business and to also design, develop, invent, research, prepare, manufacture, establish, buy, sell, import, export or otherwise deal, repair, distribute, market and give consultancy and take or give on lease, licence, hire or otherwise and to carry on all categories and aspects of business in:

a) Telecommunication network, international gateway provider using facilities such as cable, telephone and computer linkage services.

b) Internet-related services such as telnet, usenet, medical transcription, tele/video conferencing and file transfer protocol. 

c) Call Centres.

d) Web sites, web hosting and web programming.

e) Internet services, systems and connectivity with telephone network using telephone, satellites and transponders. 

f) Cyber shops, cyber cafes, cyber classrooms, internet kiosks.

g) E-mail and e-commerce services.

h)Computer software, computer programming, computer peripherals in all lines of business/professional activities.

i) Data-storage, data analysis and data processing related activities.

j) Using broadband technology in computers.

2. To develop, improve, buy, sell, assemble, import, export, exchange, repair and otherwise deal in all kinds of computers, microprocessor based systems, peripherals and their parts, components and systems, computer hardware and accessories and related equipment, computerized magnetic tapes, magnet drums, magnetic discs, magnetic cards, magnetic core, magnetic tools, CD ROM & Optical Disks, disk drives and buy, sell or otherwise deal in all kinds of computer hardware, software, their programmes and accessories.

3. To establish and run date processing/computer training centers and to offer consultancy and data processing and other services that are normally offered by data processing computer centers to industrial, business and other types of customers and to impart training on electronics data processing, computer software and hardware to customers and others in India and abroad.

4. To act as consultants, advisors and engineers, whether in India or Abroad on matters relating to systems design and software developments and to carry on the business of providing consultancy, technical know-how services and training in all the fields of telecommunication, information technology, voice transcription and processing.